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The New South Range Building


Pluscarden Abbey South Range Project

After two years of hard work, the ambitious South Range Project is now in a position to embark on Phase 1 of what has now been officially designated as a 2 Phase Project. The fundraising will continue as before with tangible results to be seen on the ground in 2019.

Phase 1 will comprise

The project will require £1.8 million to complete and the foundation stone, carried from the monks’ original home at Abbaye Val-des-Choux in Burgundy by those on the “Pluscarden 1230 Pilgrimage”, will be placed at the heart of the proposed South Range.

The monks view it not simply as placing stone on stone, but “as giving physical expression to the life of the Gospels in the form that we are called to live it, and in particular to the way we are to share what we have with all who come here.”