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HRH Princess Michael of KentIt has been announced that Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent has generously agreed to be the Royal Patron of the hugely ambitious Pluscarden Abbey 1230 Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage, which will take place over the period 5th June – 3rd September 2017, will retrace the steps of the original Valliscaullian monks who, in 1230, walked from their home at Abbey Val-des-Choux in Burgundy to set up their new home at Pluscarden Abbey, in Morayshire, in the North of Scotland.

Today Pluscarden Abbey continues to thrive and is the home to some 22 Benedictine monks. The aim of the pilgrimage, which is broken down into 13, approximately 100 mile legs, with a weekly changeover of pilgrims, is to raise funds for the final restoration of the Abbey which was embarked on in 1948. A documentary covering the event is currently in the planning phase and a book will be published following completion with a view to establishing the route as a permanent pilgrimage.

Details of the event can be found at here.