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It’s now the end of the second week of the Pluscarden 1230 Pilgrimage. The first week’s group came together and gelled so well that we could hardly imagine recreating such a strong group dynamic during the second week. We miss the first lot, and their fellowship can’t be repeated. We look forward to meeting Iain the piper’s three brothers (also pipers – almost a pipe band!), when they join us tomorrow. 

We’ve had some amazing hikes through beautiful countryside, seen some amazing architecture, including the cloister at Vausse, the old Valliscaulian priory. A movie crew was filming a movie about the French Revolution while we were there. The proprietors of our various lodgings have also been so welcoming and friendly, including Msr. and Madam Monot at Val-des-Choux, the nuns at Val Saint Benoit, now the Priory of Bethlehem, and Msr and Madam Degouve at Vausse. 

The pilgrimage also has its hardships. Beyond the blisters and hot sun and regularly getting lost in the forest, the support staff works hard behind the scenes to set up camp and cook. Tonight they got taken out to dinner at a nice restaurant in Brienne le Chateau. (See the picture with Chris, Jai, Andy, Dani, Olga, Phillip, Joe, Pete, Al, and Robbie.) Pete was especially happy not to have to cook tonight! We are all held up by each other’s friendship, good company and jokes.