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Pilgrimage 2020 – Val des Choux to Monte Cassino

1 May – 12 July 2020

This is the second in the series, the first being in 2017 when the walk took us from Burgundy to Pluscarden, some 1400 miles. Next year (2020) we will start from the same spot at Val des Choux, the Abbey from where the original Valliscaulian monks departed from in 1230 to found Pluscarden and follow the Via Francigena to Rome. This will take 9 weeks and will be completed by a group centred on the 2017 nucleus of walkers/pilgrims. They will be led by Al Monkman. The last leg will start at Subiaco, about an hour by vehicle to the East of Rome, and it will join the Way of St Benedict at Subiaco and walk to Monte Cassino where the Rule of St Benedict was created.

Up to 40 invitations will be issued to join us on the final leg.

We are all fundraising for the Abbey and all walkers will be asked to try and raise up to £1000 prior to walking but this is far from compulsory. We pay our own transport to and from Italy and our own food and accommodation en route but we will provide vehicles to carry our rucksacks during the day and simply walk with daysacks.

A recce of the final week will take place next February.

For more information, contact the Pluscarden Abbey Appeal Office. 


Planning Assumptions

  • Depart Pluscarden: 1 May
  • Start walk Langres 4 May; finish Rome 3 Jul.
  • Average daily walk: 16 miles/25 km
  • Distance: 828 miles to Rome
  • Rome R&R weekend 4/5 Jul.
  • Subiaco to Monte Cassino 6-12 Jul. 78 miles

Stage 1. Langres to Villeneuve. (4-17 May)

177 miles/285 km (16 miles per day)
NB Via Francigena Guidebook 1: pp 148-201

4th May: Langres to Grenant (23km)
5th May: Grenant to Dampierre-sur-Salon (27km)
6th May: D-s-S to Frasne-le-Chateau (24km)
7th May: F-le-C to Geneuille (25km)
8th May: Geneuille to Tarceny (29 km)
9th May: Rest Day

10th May: Tarceny to La Main (28km)
11th May: La Main to D6 Junction (24km)
12th May: D6J to Baulmes (25km)
13th May: Baulmes to Etagnieres (29.5km)
14th May: Etagnieres to Cully (23km)
15th May: Cully to Villeneuve (27 km)

16th May: Rest Day
17th May: Rest Day

Stage 2. Villeneuve to Robbio. (18-31 May)

188 miles/303km (16 miles a day)
NB VF Guide Book 2 pp 59-131

18th May: Villeneuve to St Maurice (26km)
19th May: St Maurice to Bovernier (26km)
20th May: Bovernier to Bourg St-Pierre (24km)
21st May: Bourg St-Pierre to Col du Grand St Bernard (13km)
22nd May: Rest Day

23rd May: Col du GSB to Gignod Chef-Lieu (24km)
24th May: GCL to Nus (26.5km)
25th May: Nus to Chiesa de Montjovet (28km)
26th May: C de M to Pont Saint-Martin (27.5km)
27th May: PS-M to Ivrea (26km)
28th May: Ivrea to Cavaglia (27.5km)
29th May: Cavaglia to Montonero (29km)
30th May: Montonero to Robbio (25km)
31st May: Rest Day

Stage 3. Robbio to Sarzana. (1-14 Jun)

185 miles/297km (15.5 miles per day)
NB Guidebook pp 131-194

1st June:  Robbio to Tromello (28.5km)
2nd June:  Tromello to Pavia (28km)
3rd June:  Pavia to Santa Cristina e Bissone (25km)
4th June:  S C e B to Calendasco (25km)
5th June:  Calendasco to Pontenure (23.5km)
6th June:  Pontenure to Fidenza (27.5km)
7th June:  Rest Day

8th June:  Fidenza to Felegara (25km)
9th June:  Felegara to Cassio (25.5km)
10th June:  Cassio to Cavezzana d’Antena (25.5km)
11th June:  C d’A to Filattiera (26.5km)
12th June:  Filattiera to Aulla (19.5km)
13th June:  Aulla to Sarzana (17 km)
14th June:  Rest Day

Stage 4. Sarzana to Rome. (15 Jun – 5 Jul)

278miles/447km (15.5 miles per day)
VF Guidebook 2 pp 194-290

15th June:  Sarzana to Massa (25km)
16th June:  Massa to Montemagno (27.5km)
17th June:  Montemagno to Capannori (26km)
18th June:  Capannori to Fucecchio (27.5km)
19th June:  Fucecchio to Borgoforte (29km)
20th June:  Borgoforte to Colle di Val d’Elsa (28.5km)
21st June:  C di Val d’E to Siena (28.5km)
22nd June:  Rest Day

23rd June:  Siena to Ponte d’Arbia (26.5km)
24th June:  Pont d’A to Vignoni Alto (28km)
25th June:  Vignoni to Radicofani (25.5km)
26th June:  Radicofani to Acquapendente (24km)
27th June:  Acquapendente to Bolsena (22km)
28th June:  Bolsena to Bagnaccio (25km)
29th June:  Bagnaccio to Vetralla (24km)
30th June:  Vetralla to Sutri (20 km)
1st July:  Sutri to Campagnano di Roma (20.5km)
2nd July: C di R to La Storta (24.5km)
3rd July: La Storta to Rome (15km)

4th July: Rest Day
5th July: Rest Day

Stage 5. Subiaco to Monte Cassino (6-12 Jul)

77.92miles/125.4km (12.98 miles per day) (See map)
The Way of St Benedict Guide Book (WOSB) pp 105 – 161

5th July: Drive from Rome to Subiaco (See map)
6th July: Subiaco to Trevi nel Lazio (17.8km)
7th July: Trevi nel Lazio to Collepardo (24km)
8th July: Collepardo to Casamari (24.9km)
9th July: Casamari to Arpino (21.9km)
10th July: Arpino to Roccasecca (17.8km)
11th July: Roccasecco to Monte Cassino (19km)
12th July: Rest and disperse