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Pilgrimage 2021 

27th June – 11th July

Next year (2021) we were going to start from the same spot at Val des Choux, the Abbey from where the original Valliscaulian monks departed from in 1230 to found Pluscarden and follow the Via Francigena to Rome. This would have taken 9 weeks by a group centred on the 2017 nucleus of walkers/pilgrims. However as a result of Covid-19 the 2021 event is now taking shape as follows:

We are no longer walking the whole way from Burgundy to Monte Cassino. Maria Byron and Joe Staton hope to be walking from Turin to Monte Cassino on the Via Francigena, with no support, except for the final week into Monte Cassino.

Al Monkman and Andy Wallis are cycling the whole Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome supported by a campervan that we are currently searching for. Leaving from Canterbury at the beginning of June they will reach Rome on 2 July. They will then go on to Monte Cassino on foot with the final week group. A number of regular walkers from 2017 are going to join them walking, for the last week into Rome, provisonally starting at Bolsena, and thence on with the final week group to Monte Cassino. This final week and only formally organised week will run from 5 – 11 July will walk the Way of St Benedict from Subiaco to Monte Cassino. Formal guidance and instructions for this final week will be issued in the New Year. The actual timetable for these last 2 weeks is below.

Complicated? Yes, a little, but we have managed more difficult!  All this, of course, will be subject to Covid-19 and hopefully the vaccine.

We are all fundraising for the Abbey and all walkers will be asked to try and raise up to £1000 prior to walking but this is far from compulsory. We pay our own transport to and from Italy and our own food and accommodation en route but we will provide vehicles to carry our rucksacks during the day and simply walk with daysacks.

For more information, contact the Pluscarden Abbey Appeal Office. 

Pluscarden Pilgrimage 2021 – Walking Weeks 1 and 2 

Walking Week 1: Bolsena to Rome on the Via Francigena Walking Week 2: Subiaco to Monte Cassino
Sunday 27/6: Bolsena to Bagnaccio (25km)
Monday 28/6: Bagnaccio to Vetralla (24km)
Tuesday 29/6: Vetralla to Sutri (20 km)
Wednesday 30/6: Sutri to Campagnano di Roma (20.5km)
Thursday 1/7: C di R to La Storta (24.5km)
Friday 2/7: La Storta to Rome (15km)
Saturday 3/7: Rest Day
Sunday 4/7: Rest Day and move to Subiaco by Drive/Bus/Uber
Sunday 4/7: Drive/Bus/Uber from Rome to Subiaco (See map)
Monday 5/7: Subiaco to Trevi nel Lazio (17.8km)
Tuesday 6/7: Trevi nel Lazio to Collepardo (24km)
Wednesday 7/7: Collepardo to Casamari (24.9km)
Thursday 8/7: Casamari to Arpino (21.9km)
Friday 9/7: Arpino to Roccasecca (17.8km)
Saturday 10/7: Roccasecco to Monte Cassino (19km)
Sunday 11/7: Rest and disperse