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Pluscarden 1230 Pilgrimage – Route

The journey of the Valliscaulian Monks from Burgundy to Pluscarden will be repeated from 5th June to 3rd September 2017, covering a distance of approximately 1230 miles. It will be broken down into 12 legs of roughly 100 miles and a final leg of 80 miles. Each leg will be covered by a different group of pilgrims, with a maximum of 20 on each leg. The days for walking will be from Monday to Saturday, with Sunday as a day of rest and worship. The final leg will have 40 walkers, covering 80 miles over 5 days, arriving at Pluscarden Abbey on the Friday, and leading to a final weekend of worship and celebration. Each day will have a religious framework, with the opportunity for Mass and the Divine Office, together with some talks about the religious background of the pilgrimage and the sites visited along the way. However, the physical challenge of the actual walk, with the opportunity for quiet reflection and prayerful focus, will be the distinctive element. We hope that the walk will be a powerful spiritual experience, one shared by many thousands of pilgrims down the centuries. A stone from the abbey at Val-des-Choux will be carried throughout the pilgrimage and will constitute the foundation stone of the new South Range.