Pluscarden Abbey Appeal Auction


Welcome to our first online auction which runs from December 2nd-23rd with free UK delivery on all items. Thank you to everybody who donated items. We will be having more auctions in 2020 so if anybody who would like to support us by donating an item please get in touch with the office via the contact page. All the money raised will go towards rebuilding the medieval monastery’s South Range creating new accommodation for women, and other improvements. 

Although it is not the aim of a charity auction to provide a market for snapping up bargains, participants will probably find that there are indeed many to be had among the auction items. Contrariwise, we hope that some good-natured reckless bidding for more popular items might contribute extra funds!

The Abbot and community would like to express here our gratitude to all those who have so kindly contributed items to the auction, and to all of you who will bid for them.

Brother Michael de Klerk


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