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Today we left Flavigny, after a friendly chat with Abbot Antoine, Robbie and Marty navigating from the back seat, the lady of the sat nav having been relegated to redundancy.  Our goal was Val Croissant, not on our maps, but believed to be in the area of Saulieu, rendered by our polyglot chief navigator as “Solihull”. There, three priorities were, some coffee, bread for lunch and the Tourist Office. We went to the last first, where after a good deal of digging, and with the help of the IGN’s Topo 25 maps we found our goal. We explained our mission and left some leaflets, bought the maps and wandered into town, where, among other things, we discovered you could buy a house for €89,000, very cheap. Bread bought, we sat down at a terrasse and drank coffee, returned to the car, sat on a bench in the sun and ate lunch.

Finding Val Croissant was not an affair of five minutes. Finally we came to a sign, 11th century church”, we queried the date, but uncharitably put it down to poor history. After the predicted distance came a sign, “Chateau de Val Croissant”; it said it was private, but the gates stood invitingly open, so in we drove……….